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Dark Food & Drink

Food and drink with a spooky theme or branding, mostly available around Halloween.

Older Dark Food & Drink articles

Halloween Candy from the USA Posted on February 11, 2020

Some US candy brands are readily available in the UK, others are only available in shops that specialise in importing them. Candy Corn - practically a confectionery mascot for the Spooky Season in the USA - is unfamiliar here. I finally got to try some, and a few other Halloween sweets from across the pond.

Halloween 2019 High Street Haul (Sweets) Posted on September 30, 2019

This year there are quite a few sweets repackaged or adapted for the Halloween market. I bought some from Poundland, Marks & Spencer, B&M, the Co-op and TK Maxx.

Black Pasta Updated on December 04, 2019

Fancy a lunch as dark as your soul? Try some black pasta. It gets its colour from squid ink and is traditionally paired with or filled with seafood.

Halloween Chocolates (Hotel Chocolat) Posted on November 08, 2018

There's more to Halloween confectionery than fun size multipacks marketed for trick-or-treat. Some retailers make the effort to produce sweets that are far too nice to hand out to kids. One of my favourites is Hotel Chocolat.

Pumpkin Pie Posted on November 06, 2018

Pumpkin Pie is a popular Thanksgiving treat in the USA, and making it is a good way to use the flesh from carved Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns. It's really easy to do, but it can be an incredibly sweet and calorific dessert. We used a basic no-frills recipe.

Halloween-Themed Food Updated on November 02, 2019

Retailers in the UK have started to treat Halloween as a special event, selling more themed products every year. Alongside decorations and costumes there is an ever-growing range of food marketed specifically for Halloween.