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Mysticum Luna Gothic Jewellery (and Dark Dwelling Remixes)

Nowadays Alchemy Gothic isn't the only game in town when it comes to affordable and stylish gothic and occult-themed jewellery. One brand I personally really like - and have bought lots from - is the UK based shop: Mysticum Luna.

Mysticum Luna's logo

Mysticum Luna - established in 2014 - design, manufacture and sell their own range of pins and stainless steel jewellery from their website. They also stock some homeware items. I've written about their pins before (in my Gothic Pins article); I currently own more ML pins than ones from any other company because the designs are so good. This article will focus on the high quality jewellery I have bought from them.

Mysticum Luna have a few standalone pieces, but also several jewellery sets with matching rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The sets are designed around coloured coffin-shaped charms, pentacles, raven skulls, plachettes, scorpions, bats, spiders and more. There are crystal pendants too, and name/initial jewellery in an Old English font. There's a lot to choose from, so I've had to stick to my favourites, especially as I don't really need jewellery (making my own).

I've limited my purchases to the Orb Weaver and Crypt sets so far. The Orb Weaver bracelet was my first buy, then the Crypt bracelet, and I wear them both almost daily, regardless of my chosen earring/necklace combo. I was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of of the Crypt bracelet; I don't know how it's constructed, but it bends a long way with gentle pressure to open wide. It goes on your wrist easily, but it returns to its original shape and it's close-fitting once in place. I've never had a 'cuff' bangle bracelet fit so well. The durability of the Orb Weaver bracelet has converted me to wearing and making stainless steel jewellery in general; previously I stuck to sterling silver. It's hardwearing, detailed, and has weight.

I'm used to wearing large dangling earrings, but Mysticum Luna's range has prompted me to try hoops, so I've recently bought the Orb Weaver and Crypt earrings to match. I'm also giving the rings a go, but - not wanting to mix metals due to potential damage - I probably won't wear them frequently alongside my silver rings. Maybe I'll have all my steel rings on one hand to get around that? The Orb Weaver ring has a tendency to catch on clothes too, being a bit pointy, but that's true of every spider ring I've owned.

I have only one tiny criticism of Mysticum Luna's range, and it's a personal taste issue rather than anything they've done. I find that their necklaces/pendants lack impact compared to the matching items in their sets. The hooped earrings are large and dramatic, so the necklaces - with the same charm, singularly on a bail - feel small in comparison. It's probably just me; if you've looked at My Favourite Hobbyist Necklace Designs (So Far), you'll know I like my necklaces to be big, sometimes huge.

With that in mind, I have done a little 'remix' of Mysticum Luna's jewellery to construct a couple of larger necklaces. Firstly I have made a custom Orb Weaver necklace using the components from one of the Orb Weaver bracelets, adding a beaded chain. Secondly I've made a custom Crypt necklace incorporating Mysticum Luna's coffin-shaped charms, mixed wth some stainless steel quatrefoil-shaped link elements I had. The results are a bit more 'me' and pictured below.

Take a look at Mysticum Luna's website (linked below the pictures) for their full selection of gorgeous witchy and spooky jewellery, pins and homeware.