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Etsy Shop Launch - Halloween and Gothic Jewellery

I've been talking about selling my jewellery for twelve years or more. Finally, I'm going to give it a try, starting with stocking an Etsy shop. I've got a selection of spooky-themed necklace and earrings sets listed for sale, with more to follow.

I've previously written about my jewellery-making hobby: My Oldest Hobbyist Necklace Designs and My Favourite Hobbyist Necklace Designs (So Far). I always hoped to turn it into more than a hobby, but the time has never been right. Now I have some time and a fair dose of inspiration to devote to it.

I've spent the last month building up a small inventory of stock to get me started. It includes substantial and detailed stainless steel pieces in a dramatic gothic style, and alloy metal pieces designed more for the Halloween market. There's a little bit of sterling silver too, using up some bits from my collection of sterling supplies. Those pieces won't be restocked once I've used up what I have, due to the price of silver now.

My designs are generally based around interesting pendants, links and components I have bought. I then construct and add beaded chains to them, turning them into something a bit more special and unusual. I don't think other sellers of dark jewellery are doing the beaded chains quite like I am, so that's possibly my USP compared to them. I'm also not going to shy away from using colours; my own personal gothic style tends to be mostly black alongside bold accent colours, not just monochrome. That said, the black-beaded skull cross necklace and matching earrings I'm modelling (in the loosest sense) in the picture below is my new everyday favourite set and I'm keeping one lot for myself.

I'm only shipping to the UK for the moment, although after a couple of sales - and when my confidence improves - I'm intending to include the EU at least. Please take a look at my Halloween and Gothic Jewellery shop on Etsy and see if there's anything you like.

UPDATE 14/07/2019: I also have a small Halloween and Gothic Jewellery shop on Ebay. It will list items I am reselling with no additional crafting, like some sterling silver pendants.