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Musée Rodin, Paris, France

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) is best known for his sculptures including The Thinker and The Kiss. The Musée Rodin at Hôtel Biron in Paris is home to these and many of his works. There is also a must-see version of his fantastic Gates of Hell.

I visited Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris, France in October 2012 with my then husband-to-be. We went to Musée Rodin on the same trip. The Hôtel Biron (formerly Rodin's workshop) and its gardens contain a huge number of statues. We found The Thinker and The Three Shades, themselves elements of my favourite Rodin sculpture: The Gates of Hell.

The Gates of Hell (La Porte de l'Enfer) were inspired by Dante's Inferno. Rodin worked on the Gates over many years, but he did not live to see his masterpiece finally completed in bronze. There is a plaster original in Musée d'Orsay in Paris. The Musée Rodin has one of the first three bronze casts of the work. Other casts can be found around the world: in the USA, Tokyo, Switzerland, South Korea and Mexico.

The Gates are attractive to me because there is so much to see. You can look at them for hours and still find something new. It's unsettling; most of the figures are anguished and falling, and the whole sculpture has the feeling of organic movement. The huge, imposing scale of it - it is 6 metres high, 4 metres wide and 1 metre deep - enhances its otherworldy feel. The Gates featured in the 2010 videogame Dante's Inferno, and I'm sure there are appearances or references to them in other games and films. The Gates have become archetypal of what the gateway to Hell would look like.

Musée Rodin has a website dedicated to the Gates of Hell, linked to below. It allows you to explore the Gates in massive detail. There is information about each of the figures and how they relate to Rodin's other sculptures.