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Gothic Printed Tops as Sleepwear

I don't often wear printed t-shirts as daywear because I prefer more formal outfits. Some of the prints available from Restyle, Killstar and others are really nice though, and it's a shame to miss out on them entirely. That's why I wear them as sleepwear instead.

Of the three tops in this article, I've only worn the Restyle t-shirt to bed so far. It has washed well. Underneath the hanging bat it says: 'Not a morning person'. Actually, I'm not that bad in the mornings - I just get thwarted by my habit of staying up way too late at night - but it's a nifty print, and it's on the topic of sleep. The shirt is oversized, so it's clearly meant as casual wear, even if it's not specifically marketed as sleep/nightwear. I bought a size smaller than my usual, and it's still very roomy.

The Killstar t-shirt is likewise oversized or a 'relaxed' fit, as they call it. I also bought this one size smaller. It bears the text: 'Sleep all day' and 'Party all night', with the image of a Dracula-esque (Bela Lugosi style) vampire leaning over a sleeping woman. Of course, fans of vampire movies will recall the original quote continues: 'Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.'. It was the tagline for the classic 1987 film The Lost Boys. The shirt is made of a thinner material than the Restyle one, the sleeves are shorter, and the neckline a little lower.

The final top is another by Killstar, but this one is a true-to-size tunic - long enough to be worn as a dress - with a lace panel and lace-up back. It's more flattering than the baggy t-shirts and I'll wear it when the weather gets warmer. The print has the text: 'No Sleep', above an eye and a horned skull. I bought it for the text, ironically hoping my nights of baby-enforced 'no sleep' are long behind me.

At the time of writing, the Restyle shirt is available most cheaply (£10.65) directly from their website, if you buy enough items to balance out the shipping costs from Poland. That's where I got mine. A couple of UK-based eBay sellers also have it for £16.99. The Killstar tops are available for £14.99 and £19.99 respectively, and are in the reduced-price Clearance area of the Killstar website.