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Outfit Of The Day, 29 June 2019

It's been the hottest day of the year so far in the UK. Today I've worn a 'Lucina Layered Mesh and Leatherette Dress' by Necessary Evil, and a 'Peepers Blouse' by Hell Bunny, accessorised with a 'C U In Paradise Wallet' by Killstar, and a plain black hand fan.

This is a pretty cheap outfit as I bought all the pieces when they were heavily discounted. The dress was under £10 from Kate's Clothing, the blouse was about £14 from Ripleys Clothing, and the wallet was about £11. At the time of writing the prices are similar; actually the blouse is now available for £10.

The dress is below knee-length on me, but the layering of the skirt means only the uppermost tier is completely opaque. The second (middle) tier is slightly see-through, especially with a light source behind you, but not enough that I am self-conscious of it. I think another reviewer of the dress didn't like the way the ruffles fell, especially around the bodice, but I find the dress flattering and true or slightly generously-sized. I have a bit of a 'mum tum', and the dress shape hides it well as long as I don't slouch.

I bought the Hell Bunny blouse because I love the pattern of the print. I've also bought the 'Peepers' mini dress to wear for an upcoming family wedding. At first glance, it looks floral, then you notice the eyeballs. I really like the hidden creepiness that the casual observer might miss. The blouse is made from a thin, chiffon-type material, and hangs open at the back. I bought a size down in it because the style of the garment is so loose-fitting. It has buttons down the front, but it wouldn't look right buttoned-up with the Necessary Evil dress.

The Killstar wallet was a purchase from their clearance section, after I bought the blouse. I thought it was a good design match for the blouse: eyeballs in roses rather than eyeballs in lilies. I'm not keen on how prominent the Killstar logo is, but otherwise it's a really good purse or wallet, with lots of compartments for cards and coins. It's large enough for me to put my phone in too, and I find that really useful.

The black fan is a basic black one I got from eBay at some point, and the necklace and earrings are ones I've constructed (pictured in my Etsy Shop Launch - Halloween and Gothic Jewellery article). The skull glass I'm posing with is a generic brand, I think, and available from several alternative online shops.