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Spooky Small Businesses

There are a lot of very small spooky businesses selling unique items to decorate yourself or your home. Most are run by one or two people, and they are advertised primarily by recommendations on social media. Here I'll list ones I have bought from.

I have already written dedicated articles about:

Listed below are other small businesses I have made purchases from. Most are run by just one or two people, but they sell lovely unique items, often handcrafted. They are based in the UK unless otherwise noted. If they have a website, please consider buying directly from there instead of Etsy to help save them a lot of money on seller and compulsory advertising fees.

Orders imported from outside the UK will likely be subject to VAT charges (this will be applicable to EU orders in the event of a no-deal Brexit). Also, given the current worldwide situation with the Coronavirus, some shops may be delayed in shipping or temporarily closed. If you like their items please consider following them on Instagram, or saving a link to them for future reference.

Weird & Wonderful Ceramics
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Sells ceramic gothic kitchenware and home accessories, with a range of spooky patterns. Bowls, plates, vases, mugs, tea sets and more are available with skull, spider and insect print decoration. Pictured below: A square-shaped skull-patterned dinner set. You can see the set in use in my Black Pasta article.
Etsy | Instagram
An artist who works in stained glass, often making suncatchers and panels with a spooky or macabre theme. Pictured below: a Memento Mori-inspired stained glass and a stained glass 'Bowie Black Star'.
Alien Queen Crafts
nuMONDAY | Instagram
Sells monochrome painted wooden decor plaques, cross-stitches, t-shirts, bookmarks, pin badges, stickers and more. Pictured below: the 'Welcome To My Crypt' and the spookily motivational 'If You've Got It Haunt It' plaques, a 'Boo' badge and a 'Nevermore' laminated coffin-shaped bookmark.
The Crafty BurrEato
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Sells art prints, greetings cards, decor plaques, bags, berets, cushions, mugs and much more. Their range is inspired by Disney, the works of Tim Burton, MCR and lots of other spooky things. Pictured below: two prints 'Tomb Sweet Tomb' and 'I've Got Room On My Broom For You', plus a 'Strange And Unusual' wooden plaque.
The LittlestSpook Shop
Etsy | Instagram
Designs and sells monochrome art prints on a spooky theme, as well as a couple of other items like mugs and tote bags. Pictured below: a set of three cute ghost prints.
Grace Moth
Etsy | Instagram
A talented artist whose delicate, detailed work incorporates ghosts, cobwebs, witchy 'dark gardens' and other spooky elements. Many of her beautiful pieces are nature-inspired with a slightly macabre twist. She also makes resin jewellery. Pictured below: a selection of four art prints, framed together. These and others are currently hanging in my bedroom.
Life Club
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Designs and sells enamel pins, patches and prints, and also bags and apparel items such as t-shirts. The brand's theme isn't exactly spooky; it is possibly described as 'dark, weary, defiant fatalism', incorporating some skeletons and tattoo motifs. They donate from their profits and screen print merchandise to support animal charities. Pictured below: a 'Delighted In Solitude' pin and a '13' pin, both in black and silver. Most of their pins are also available in black/gold.
The Dark Times
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Sells papercut art, art prints, text banners, stickers and clay badges. Pictured below: 'To Eternal Life' and 'Love You To Death' papercuts.
Cosy Club Candles
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Sells scented vegan candles and wax melts with a spooky twist. Pictured below: light grey tombstone melts from the mixed-scent 'Ghosts and Ghouls Graveyard Box' and a set of four 'Skull Sweet Shop' melts, with lovely confectionery-inspired aromas. They are shown with a couple of pumpkin-shaped Yankee Candle burners. See my Halloween Candles (Yankee Candle) article for more about those.
A Dash of Curiosity
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Sells 3D printed, anatomical and botanical themed homeware, such as planters, and trinket bowls. Most of their current designs are based on the human skeleton, in a range of colours including black, white, pink and shiny bronze. Pictured below: a shallow teeth bowl and jaw bone phone/e-reader stand in white.
Foxx & Raccoon
Etsy | Instagram
Sells original art painted on glass or paper, and hand-finished prints, mugs and t-shirts bearing their designs. Their mug range is partly tarot-inspired with mugs based on the Lovers, the Devil and Death. Pictured below: three mugs - 'Death', 'the Lovers' and a 'Mum' mug.
Simons Nest
Etsy | Instagram
Sells art prints, pin badges, magnets and tote bags bearing their original seasonal and whimsical designs. About half their designs are spooky; their shop also includes cute nature-inspired and retro style prints. They have sold a few hanging wooden plaques and their other items can be bought in discounted bundles or in themed mystery bags. Pictured below: four spooky prints in A6 size.
Alexandra Siân Artwork
Etsy | Instagram
A dotwork artist selling prints and original macabre art. Pictured below: a 'Kissing Skeletons' print.
August Glass Designs
Website | Etsy | Instagram
Makes and sells glass terrariums, boxes and mirrors. Several of the items are coffin-shaped, and inspired by the macabre. Pictured below: a 12cm coffin mirror. Larger versions without a hanging chain are also available.
Marcies Art (Netherlands)
Design By Humans | Etsy | Instagram
An artist selling prints and original creepy and cute art via Etsy, and printed items like t-shirts, mugs and stickers via Design By Humans. Pictured below: a 'Little Sleeping Vampire' print.
Manière Noire (Canada)
Website | Instagram
Sells enamel pins, patches, original art, t-shirts, prints, wooden coasters and decor plaques. Pictured below: silver/black 'Small Dagger' and 'Skeleton Key' pin sets and a single 'Tombstone I' pin.
The Fantasmical World of Rhode Montijo (USA)
Website | Instagram
Sells prints, clothing and enamel pins based on his own original artwork, books he has written and illustrated, and his own Halloween flag. Pictured below: four prints I have bought and a copy of his children's book 'The Halloween Kid'.